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[ 8.02.2002 ]

Freaked Out Friday
Ok, I'm sitting in my new room...sort of unpacked, sort of still boxed up. My bed is freakin awesome...so damn comfortable I want to eat it! It's like a big ass marshmallow. Sweet. I'm sitting here listening to The White Stripes and Luscious Jackson having my own spectacular little Mandy party. Kasey won't be moving in until August 15th...maybe later b/c apparently she's in love with some amazing fellow and wants to spend every moment with him until she has to come up for school. I don't blame her at all; I'd be doing the same damn thing if I could. Unfortunately, my honey is half a world away and so I just sit here and work on this friggin webpage. I'd go out, but Becca is at some sorority thing this weekend and everyone else is at home. Lexington is mine once again.
How do you know when you're grown up? When you own a hammer, you are a true adult. I bought a hammer today. Well, that and a 5" level, a few various size screw drivers, and other random tools that I needed to start piecing my room together. It's so weird. I think the last time I used a hammer was a few years ago working on a Habitat for Humanity house. I remember asking my dad if I could borrow his hammer b/c I was going to be nailing stuff that day and he just gave me this look like "What would a girl want with a hammer?" Needless to say, I single-handedly built 4,236 houses that day and didn't even stop for luch. *gives father the finger*
Anyway, I used my cute little hammer today to put up my dry erase/bulliten board. I feel so organized. There's nothing like a good dry erase board. They're so convenient!
There's this weird ledge thingee on my ceiling...like two different levels of ceiling. It stops about 3 feet into the room and I can't decide what to hang on it. It would be a great place for Christmas lights...maybe some little white ones, but that is SO dorm room and I'm trying to think of something a bit more original. If anyone has any useful ideas (especially if you are from TLC and want to come decorate my room) just email me at daisypunk@hotmail.com.
My room faces the street...I had no idea how busy Waller is! I also have figured out that trains come like every 15 minutes or so. It's so fucking cool...they're half a block away and it sounds like they're coming straight for me! I love hearing them...it sounds like home...there are trains EVERYWHERE in Paducah.
OK, I really doubt that anyone is reading this and I'm just killing time so I'll sign off now. Geez...get off my back. I'm bored. Kiss my ass!
mandypants [8:07 PM]

[ 7.28.2002 ]

Sunshine on my shoulder makes me LIVID
You wouldn't believe how hot it is here. It feels like a fucking desert. Kentucky sucks. It's always either too hot, too humid, too cold, or just plain ugly. I'm in a great mood, can you tell?
Adventures in WildcatLandSo apparently, one of my friends is dating a UK basketball player (casually). They shall both remain nameless because quite frankly, I don't feel like getting my ass kicked. I've never been a big fan of basketball, but I think this is sort of weird. It freaks me out. I say go for it girl...get some good seats and milk it for all it's worth! Next stop...the NBA!
He doesn't do drugs...?I was reading in Rolling Stone yesterday over lunch that Chris Carraba (frontman of Dashboard Confessional, or DC as we Emonerds like to call it) has never done any sort of drugs. He "has a beer every two weeks or so" and isn't really into that scene. My God, I think I've found one other person on earth with the same partying habits as I have! Another neat fact about Chris....his sleeved tattoos are mirror images of each other. Apparently he's really into symmetry. I can dig that. Damn, I want to hang out with him. I'd kill for an interview...just one quick hour to pick his brain and ask him some really intense questions. I guess I shouldn't ask for more than that hug I got last fall, but I didn't get to talk to him as much as I'd like to. I'll kick his ass if he doesn't remember the girl that pinned him in Cincinatti if I get to interview him. Or maybe I'll just sing really loud to Swiss Army Romance in my car for the rest of my life. A girl can dream, can't she?
Song of the Day Saints and Sailors by...who else...DC...*she sings*..."and I don't believe that I'm getting any better..."
Government blunder of the day This is for that chick who went to UK and got called into active duty in the military last fall after 9.11. She was pulled from UK to go serve her country and then that same government that had asked her to serve took away her grants, scholarships, and tuition. Now, UK claims that she owes some $700 in make-up tuition for the classes that she never even got to complete. What the fuck, Uncle Sam? Don't bite the hand that feeds you...
mandypants [3:36 PM]