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[ 7.11.2002 ]

I think I may be dying...
I left my house at 6:02pm and I am at the Willy T. Library...I am a sweaty mess, because it is nearly 90 degrees outside. That means that it just took me under 10 minutes (considering crosswalks and traffic) to get here running. I can't believe I've gone so long without running...it's always so much harder to get back into once you take a rest.
ROOMMATE UPDATE Even though she's not really my roommate anymore, I'm still calling this segment what I've always called it. I'm a stickler for tradition. Jordan and I had a light lunch at O'Charley's and then spent our afternoon shopping at Hamburg Pavillion. I'm very proud to say that since finishing Confessions of a Shopaholic, the only think I purchased was a bottle of Tazoberry. Woo hoo me! I've willpower, and I'm going to be a frugal consumer from now on. J-Money and I had a great afternoon...I always enjoy her company so much!
Ok, I'm just now starting to get cooled down...the sweat is dripping off me like crazy, so it's time to go. The plan is to run the entire perimiter of campus and then all the way home. If you find me a dehydrated mass on the sidewalk, just add water and I'll perk right back up!
mandypants [6:18 PM]

[ 7.10.2002 ]

Summertime...when the livin's easy...
To anyone who actually checks this page: God bless you, my little darling! I can't believe you stopped by to check up on me! How considerate of you! Are you ready for the Mandy update? OK...
I've got about 21days until I move out of my house and a street over...which excites the hell out of me because I LOVE to move!
I'm getting fat. I am completely guilty of about every food sin there is, and I'm swearing to myself that I will stop this madness as soon as possible.
I'm reading Confessions of a Shop-a-holic by Sophie Kinsella. I love that name. Sophie. It sounds so sweet and comfortable. Maybe I'm thinking of sofa. Whatever. The book is great...she has totally pinpointed the mindset of women who shop to avoid things (such as depression, bad days, and anything else icky in life that comes up). What a genius. If anyone wants to borrow it when I'm done, let me know and I'll mail it to you!
I'm going to try to drink more water and less coffee. Since Chris left, I've been downing lattes like there's no tomorrow. It's wreaking havoc on my sleep patterns and energy levels. I MUST drink more water...what is it, like, 8 glasses a day that we're supposed to drink? My God...that's like a whole lake! I'll start out slow, and work my way up.
I've been listening to atypical music for me lately...lots of James Taylor and Pink Floyd. I'm trying to exand my horizons...I used to HATE Led Zepplin...I'm going to give it another whirl...I hated it when I was 17, so maybe I've changed since then.
I called my mother out of the blue today to ask her where she got my name from...she said "I just liked it. I liked Kristen, and I didn't know anyone with that name. Your father loved the name Amanda. Thus, Kristen Amanda." Well, she didn't actually say "thus"...she's not a "thus" kind of lady. I threw that one in myself. Either way, I'd always hoped I was named after someone fantastic, but I suppose I'm an original. It's not like I go by Kristen that much anyway...it is growing on me though.
More later...have a nice day and don't drive like an idiot...it pisses me off

mandypants [6:23 PM]