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[ 5.13.2002 ]

Back in Black
I know you were all concerned that I wouldn't ever update my blog again, but WRONG YOU WERE! I've lowered my status as a web freak (I'm on dial-up) but I will continue to update you on the meaningless meanderings of my life. I'm no longer in the dorms (thank God). Naw, it wasn't THAT bad...I sort of miss everyone. I miss being able to walk next door and see what Laurin is up to. I miss mentioning the word food and having 15 girls going to eat with me. I miss hearing about everyone's boyfriends (OH ROGERLEE!) or other relationships. I miss that sort of stuff...all people related. That is the only time in my life that I will live with that many people at once, and I'm really glad that I had that experience.
Now I'm living with 4 girls in a house on University. It's a really nice house and just for the summer. I must say though, I do envy Laurie. She's in a BGT house over on Kentucky that has wood floors (tre cool), massive windows, a huge front porch, and ungodly high ceilings. This house is too cute. I'm all about older houses...I love the way it echos when you talk, the creaking of the floors when you walk on them, and wondering who all has occupied your residence. I'm in a much newer house that completely lacks personality (with the exception of the beer stains on the carpet). It's ok...I can always go visit Laurie!
I have discovered a new goldmine in Lexington...the library! I spent 2 hours in there yesterday after church just reading different books and I ended checking out 8 of them to keep myself occupied until I work again. I really do love books...they each have their own little personalities and souls. I'm diving into some feminist literature this time; some of the stuff my Sociology professor was talking about during class. I'll humor him and keep reading. I'm all about some self-education!
Grades are In... I got my grades a few days ago and discovered that my Journalism professor did, in fact, decide to give me an A. Also, I apparently kicked ass on my Statistics final. I ended up with more A's than B's this time so that's cool. As long as my GPA stays above 3.5, I'm happy!
Well kids, that's all for now. I'm gonna go hop in the shower and get my day started. It's nearly 1pm and I havn't done anything yet. I am such a lazy bum in the summer! I love it! *kisses to you all*
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