*Independent Thought Alarm*

[ 5.02.2002 ]

Goodbye Donovan
Well kids, this is it. It is 9:07am and I'm waiting for Robin to walk with me to take my Journalism final. I'm not worried about it b/c I've already got the test and the answers in my hand. Our professor kicks butt. I'm just sitting here watch Jordan dust things off and pack up. This is really weird...our room is looking pretty empty and lonely. We've spent our last night here, and it's time for me to move on over to University Avenue. Last night, Sally from across the hall let me draw her reproductive organs on her with some dry erase markers...I'm not sure I got it right...the uterus looked like a green dotted peanut. I would just like to say my official goodbye to 112 Donovan Hall. This room has seen some crazy times. I'll really miss running next door to see if Laurin wants to go eat...the incessant knocks on my door of people just wanting to hang out...the disgusting campus food...the shower shoes...the strange Barbados cleaning lady...the paint falling off the walls...freaking Sally out by talking about sex...listening to the Katester rant about her mom and her classes...etc. This place has been worth the experience, but I'm ready to move on and have a place of my own. Jordan, you've been the best roommate I could have hoped for. You are an amazing girl and I know you'll be so successful and happy! I'm going to take my final now, wish me luck!
mandypants [9:12 AM]