*Independent Thought Alarm*

[ 4.17.2002 ]

Sweet dreams are made of this...
I just had to tell you all...I was just visiting my international advisor and she just informed me that the University of Kentucky has approved my request for exchage! Next spring, I will be attending the University of Central Lancashire in Preston, England!!! Holy cow! I am so stinkin excited! This is going to take some work and dedication, but I am SO willing to put the hours in...
Melissa and I went to Common Grounds again last night (we are ADDICTED TO CHAI) and had a wonderful time...what a great girl! I'll keep you guys posted..this blog may turn into a travel log! WHAT A GREAT DAY!
mandypants [11:35 AM]

[ 4.16.2002 ]

Road Trip
Jordan, Katie, Laurin and I just drove to Frankfort to see the state capital. We were just sick of everything. I'm sick of UK and I decided to go to the capital building and run around in the wet grass like a jerk at midnight. Whatever. Maybe I've lost my mind, but this will be a great scene in a book someday.
It was so good to drive with the windows down and scream some good old Ace of Bass out the windows at random people. Sometimes that's all a girl can do to keep her head on straight. I leave you with wishes for sweet dreams and for someone to smack you lovingly if you ever get out of line.
Oh yes, and the construction workers outside my window every morning should quit being such assholes. That is all. Goodnight little sheep. Baaaaa...
mandypants [1:25 AM]

[ 4.15.2002 ]

Art is why I get up in the morning...
it is at the exact moment that nothing makes sense
that it all becomes clear
moments like these are hard to come by
they happen less and less as my life drifts from me
damn that sand constantly falling
my alarm clock mind goes off
and i struggle to wake up
have i spend my life walking around in a dream?
am i sleepwalking now?
is there anything new i can say about anything at all?
every emotion i feel has been felt a million times before
there is nothing that separates me from the rest of the poets
God made so many of us, but so little poetry
i have wished for weeks to see a cloudless sky
but the second that things cleared up,
my head got cloudy
and i forgot the point
so let me go...release me...free me...
if i could do it myself, i'd already be gone
and so i mark off one more day
and pray that i wake up without dreaming tomorrow
mandypants [11:10 AM]