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[ 4.11.2002 ]


My my my the Donovan ladies of the 1st floor were on the PROWL tonight...it started off with some innocent dinnner in the hallway and turned into a Girls Gone Wild fest in the 112. We eneded up walking out to Haggin and inviting some unsuspecting boys (one of which was in his boxers) back to Donovan to hang out. It took them a minute to get pants on, but they soon joined us for a night of "let's make fun of all the shitty songs on Mandy's KaZaa." What else is new.
*Some weird guy with a camera was following me around after Stats tonight asking to take my picture. I called the cops on that motherfucker and hopefully they arrested his perverted old ass! What a sick-o! Girls be aware...you're not a movie star...you are the next victim of the FAT WHITE DUDE!
*One of my friends, Ethan, shaved his head at the Mr. UK Pageant last night. This wouldn't be such a big deal except he hadn't had a haircut since last JUNE! DUDE! It looks cool now, but nobody knew who he was when he walked into class tonight. He looks like a completely different person.
*I'm starting to get sentimental over the thought of leaving Donovan. When will I ever be able to sing Aretha Franklin's "Natural Woman" in the shower with 5 back-up singers? When will I ever have 150 doors to knock on if I run out of staples? When will I ever have the chance to blast shitty music when people skip class to disrupt their naps? I'm not sure these wonderful occurances will ever happen again. I will miss the randomness of my life here at Cell Block D, and all the special girls that have been a part of it. I feel like we should be getting yearbooks out to be signed or something. Oh wait...that was high school. Damn it...
*SONG OF THE DAY Fire and Rain by James Taylor
*SHOWER OF THE DAY The third one on the right...in the corner...that's my favorite!
*GIRLS I MISS Rachel Gearhart, Erin Malmquist, Valarie Hubbard, Amanda Dycus, etc. All my girls from high school. I hope you are all kicking ass wherever you are. Don't take any shit from anyone...you are worth the world!
*DRINK OF THE DAY Sex on the Beach....aaaahhh, Savannah!
*SAVIOR OF THE DAY Jesus Christ of Nazareth
mandypants [12:58 AM]

[ 4.09.2002 ]

Mic check 1..2...is this thing on?
...let the countdown begin...
So those annoying GAP people should be gone after today. It really pisses me off that they think it is appropriate to bring all that abortion stuff right into the middle of our campus. Whatever. Good riddance GAP.
It's been a mild day here at the beautiful University of Kentucky. The Mr. UK pageant will be held tonight...I will NOT be attending. Shocker. There's no way I'm giving my money or time to watch a bunch of wankers parade themselves around like their lives will ever actually mean anything or anyone cares who they are. I'd rather sit here and vegetate and write my music review. I will be interviewing at the Kernel tomorrow at noon and submitting a music review to them. The band I'm reviewing is Mushroomhead. These lovely gentlemen wear masks and scream way too fucking loud. Sound familiar? Oh yeah. There are 50 bands just like them. Be watching the Kernel in the next few days in case they decide to print whatever I write about it.
I could really use a nap right now...the weather being so dreary makes me want to sleep my life away. Sadly enough, I recall my true purpose for being at UK. Getting out of here with a degree as soon as possible. Thus, I choose to attend class. We're watching a movie in my 6pm class again about women in the work force and the challenges we face at equality. I just hope it's entertaining enough that I can stay awake through the whole damn thing. That would be nice.
I would like to announce to any of you out there with good taste in music...I'm not really sure what this show is all about, but there will be something about Blink182 on MTV tomorrow night at 9pm. I suggest you all watch and take notes. There will be a quiz. Also, tonight at the 10 spot (10:30 pm) is another round of your favorite TV family...the Osbournes. I have a feeling that Jack will be smoking weed in the house tonight from the looks of the preview. How nice. Maybe Sharon will have another round of her rotten-ham-throwing fits or Kelly will lose Daddy's credit card again. My God I love this show.
SONG OF THE DAY Drinkus 9 with Why are all punk songs so short
COLOR OF THE DAY That lovely shade of purple sugar on the Peeps I am eating. Oh yes...I love Peeps!
Best place to be at UK today In bed, hiding under your covers for fear that the semester's end won't come soon enough.
mandypants [5:31 PM]