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[ 3.30.2002 ]

Hey kids! I just wanted to say that I am in PADUCAH...the greatest city on earth...right now. It's crazy to be back here, but SO wonderful to see my friends...I'll be home tomorrow night and I'll write more and tell you about my weekend. I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend and I'll update soon!
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[ 3.27.2002 ]

If all else fails, clear the slate!
I have just spent about 2 hours taking down some of the clutter in my room and boxing it up. Also, I have gotten most of the remnants of my winter clothes to take back to good old P-town. Get this...this absolutely made my day...my best friend from high school VALARIE called me tonight from U of L. She asked me if she could catch a ride home for Easter! That means that instead of talking to myself for 5 hours on Friday I will get to talk to Val-Val! That is SO amazing! I really miss talking to her as much as I used to...she's a brilliant person and a great friend! Finally we'll have some time to bash all those assholes we went to High School with! WOO HOO!
My room is looking pretty barren right now, but I sort of like it this way. It helps me focus on my studies instead of the busy junk all over the place.
*Jordan UpdateShe is writing in bed right now, complaining of an itchy rash on her left leg and an upset stomach. "I'm not complaining about it anymore!" She just said that to me in an desperate attempt to not let you all know her condition. I offered her some anti-itch stuff but apparently it will make her head fall off or something like that. Whatever. Any would be suitors of my itchy nauseated roommie may send flowers to 112 Donovan Hall and I'll be sure that she gets them. "OH SHIT" is her response to this update. Goodnight little Jordan...may you have sweet dreams of a sweaty Derek Jeter on your face. "EEWWW..NO...DON'T TYPE THAT!...Not on my face...next to me or on top of me...but not on my face!" Come on boys, this one is a real catch!
"It's too bad I'm just a DICK TEASE!"...this straight from the mouth of my roommate! Holy crap...she should learn not to say such things when she KNOWS damn well I'm writing about her...what a cool chick!
Well little rosebuds, the time has come for me to dive into a book and emerse myself in feminist prose. I leave you with a discusting PDA internet kiss straight to my Brit boy....*MWAAAAA!* You may all be sick now. That is all...go back to your meaningless consumer driven lives. Mandy has left the building.

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[ 3.26.2002 ]

I wanna be sedated
This has NOT been my day. I am in a horrible mood and I suggest that everyone stay clear of me until after my Sociology test tonight. Just today I have: tried to memorize a huge wad of logic proofs, delivered a letter to the 14th floor of POT after obtaining an envelope from the post office, attended my women’s studies class while inhaling lunch, leaving early to meet with Kasey to look at an apartment that will NOT work, and then I drove around for about half an hour looking for a parking spot. I also made the mistake of calling my mom while I was in a bad mood, which is NEVER a good idea as she just further frustrates me. Apparently now, my sister has decided NOT to come home for Easter. I'd say that the best part of my day so far has been...oh wait...NOTHING! I'm sorry for dumping this on you but by GOD I feel better already.
Now it's time for me to pick up my Sociology book and cram for my exam that's at 6pm that I need to do really well on to keep my average up. Holy shit someone sedate me. Another day like this in the next ten years will kill me. I wonder what would happen if I just stayed in bed on days like this. Would the world suddenly come to an end? I like to think so...
I read this article in Cosmo (first mistake) that said that women that wear men's boxers have a problem or something...here...this is what it says exactly...doesn’t' this tick YOU off?
"Male transvestites dress as women because it makes them feel fulfilled and comfortable. Some cross-dressing men are homosexual, but just as many are not. I don't see why women who dress as men are any different. Men's garments and unisex clothes are practical; they are made for an active life, which, as a "tomboy," you probably lead. Granted, boxer shorts are taking it pretty far, but you would be pretty surprised how many butch guys like wearing women's underwear-not because they want to be women but because it makes them think about women. You indicate you're sexually attracted to the opposite sex; thus, it's not likely that you're a lesbian. Your choice of apparel could be a turn-on that will pass as soon as you find a guy who looks better in pants than you do. However, if you truly feel the need to change, try some sensual feminine pampering - a facial, a massage, a makeover - and see if you feel more at home in your womanly form. If this doesn't work, you might talk to a counselor and explore whether there is a problem with your self-image or your perception of women in general."
WHAT THE FUCK? Who the hell do they think they are to suggest that femininity is defined by facials, massages, and makeovers? The very idea that a woman can strengthen who she is by her makeup infuriates me. THEN they suggest that because a woman chooses to wear boxers that she MIGHT be a *gasp* lesbian and she should seek professional help! WHAT THE HELL? I'm not sure what twit 20-something in Manhattan thought this one up, but she should have said "no" to that 5th latte and stuck to the facts. Cosmopolitan Magazine can go to hell...I wear boxers quite frequently and do not feel that the core of my womanhood is threatened by it! Possibly if you feel that you cannot be feminine because of boxers...YOU are the head case in need of evaluation!
Now that I've gotten that out, I think it's time for me to study the rest of these gender issues. College is the new dowry, you know! Parents used to spend their money making sure that their daughters had every opportunity to be at the parties where the rich bachelors are...now they just send their girls to COLLEGE and hope they end up with their "MRS Degree." How disgusting. I think it's time some of us went after our Masters and PhD's instead of settling for a Bachelors degree. Fuck the system. Damn the man. Viva la femme!

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One last thing...
As you are all washing your little faces and brushing your little teeth tonight before you go to bed I want you to think about this:
Who am I? Where do I come from? What did my parents push off on me as being truth? Is it how I really feel? What is true in my life? Do I seek it at all times? How does my enviroment and my upbringing effect the way I relate to people now? Am I truly happy? Who is renting out space in my head? Who owns my thoughts? What is keeping me from being happy today? What is keeping me from loving myself?
Oh, great...Now I have become Mandy the therapist...
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Well kids, hopefully apartment hunt 2002 is winding down...Kasey and I really got on it tonight and tore it up. *crosses fingers*
I just finished a recommendation letter for a former TA up for an Outstanding Teaching award. I really hope he gets it. He's the one that got me so interested in minority issues and the civil rights movement of the 60's. Sometimes it only takes one teacher to get you really fascinated by a subject and then you are hooked for life. They really have the power to make or break your opinion of a subject. Thankfully, Joe showed me that it wasn't nearly as much of a black/white struggle as it is a human struggle. He had us read books (Autobiography of Malcolm X, Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, Their Eyes Were Watching God, The Einstein Intersection) that really made me think about who I am in relation to the power struggles of the world. It's pretty easy to stay in a safe little suburban white girl world in Kentucky, but it is a real challenge to see things on a larger scale. The things I learned in Major Black Writers have even bled over into my Journalism class. Every journalist has a bias...it's part of human nature. Identifying your bias can help you to reduce it or at least recognize it when it rears its ugly head. Now that I have a better feel about my history as a white female American, I can understand more about why I feel the way I do. The things that infuriate me make sense when put into the perspective of what I have seen in my life. There are traces of my conservative Catholic upbringing as well as my west-coast California liberal mindset. I tend to be a bit of a political contradiction. Don't you just love that 1st amendment? God bless free speech. I love it!
*Jordan Update She's sleeping like a little angel. Poor kid had a headache nearly all day. Someone should buy her roses. She deserves them.
*Campaign Update It rained on all those rediculous posters today. They are all falling down and soggy. Serves them right for thinking that flyers are more important than actual debates and the issues that face UK. I did notice that Jessica Miller from my high school is running for student senate. She was on my relay team in high school and an excellent runner...very focused. I will assume that she is just as focused politically and I will vote for her. This journalist encourages you all to do the same.
*Interesting factoid of the day If you give Kasey (my future roommate) a pen and turn around for five minutes, she will have chewed it into oblivion. That girl has got some SERIOUS tension. Maybe I should take kickboxing back up if only for her sake...the class would be good for her.
Goodnight little sheep. Baaaa...

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[ 3.25.2002 ]

They are officially tearing down that bastard frat house by the library! Praise be to Allah! It doesn't do much good b/c all they've done essentially is relocate to the other side of campus, but at LEAST now I don't have to see that damn house every time I drive by!
*CAMPAIGN UPDATE There are all these waste of paper flyers around trying to convince people to go vote for various candidates. Oh come on, we all know damn well that nobody is going to go vote. ...and we wonder why the rain forests are being bulldozed!
I can't wait to get the hell out of here for EaStEr...even though Mom will probably make me go to church, it will be worth it if she cooks. I can at least humor her for an hour in exchange for some decent food.
None of you assholes have gotten back to me about the prank that I wanna pull...I suppose that means that you are ALL wusses and unworthy of participating. Fair enough. You'll find out about it one way or another.
While walking to Ovid's today, Katie, Jordan and I passed by my favorite UK phenomenon....the CAMPUS TOUR...I made a point to let them all know NOT to come to school here and that it was a waste of time and money. Thankyouverymuch.
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Yet another useless evening

This is going to be a quick post b/c I'm getting sleepy and I've got a Smirnoff Ice calling my name before bed. I just wanted to say that there's nothing about Eddie Money that I find appealing. Delete that crap off of your KaZaA, Katie! IT SUCKS! Also, my plan for this coming week is to get my shit together and quit being such a lazy bastard. I never have my act together and I seem to be on this eternal coast through classes. I'd like to FOR ONCE before the year is over feel like I am on top of things. Maybe I should consider reading more and avoiding the distractions of my dorm room at all costs. There are just so many things to do in a dorm room besides study...sleep, chat, eat, TV, movies, the phone, drink, paint my toenails, hold memorial services to Jonas, put up Christmas lights, take down Christmas lights, download horrible songs...etc. You get the point b/c you're all going through it, too. If you think about it, the University has set us all up to fail. They have put every possible distraction in front of us and then told us not to miss class or we'll flunk out. I wonder what would happen if none of us went to class for a whole week! You go first...hehe
Katie officially announced tonight that the blonde is out of my hair. Thank you Katie.
*Song of the Day* "Fuck you" by Ani Difranco, because everything is better with the word "fuck" in it.
*Quote of the Day* "If you can't change reality, change your perceptions of it." - Audre Lorde from Zami
Terrifying Scenario of the Day:I threatened to put spiders in all of Krista's pillows earlier and just let her find out when she put her head down to go to sleep tonight. What a lovely surprise that would be!
Worst Oscar PerformanceFaith Hill..i mean come on, can you not stay on key?
JORDAN UPDATE Well kids, she's on her bed eating Tostitos and reading The Rescue by Nicholas Sparks. I just asked her how to spell damn near every word in this sentence so she's pretty annoyed with me right now. She went to the tanning bed today so she has that lovely glow about her. She's in her blue shorts and a tee shirt and she is playing with her hair..."the same thing I've been doing for the past ten minutes." Holy crap, I'm going to miss her next year. It's moments like these that make my life here worthwhile. Here's to you, Jordan, and your tan legs and your 8 foot long hair. Oh man, she's really pissed now. I keep looking at her and laughing and she just said "WHAT?!?!". This could get interesting. Aaahhh, the beauty of an online diary.
Interesting Factoid of the Day Nettles hurt. Do not roll around in them, however tempting it may seem. You'll be sorry later. Especially do not rub them into your genitals or eyes. These are sensitive areas and you will wish you were never born.
Greek Organization of the Day My favorite Greek Organization of the day is the gentlemen of Sigma Chi. Their house is getting bulldozed in a matter of hours because they are a bunch of frat fucks. Jordan tells me that it was also on FIRE today. Even better. They pay for their friends and have to have a social crutch to feel good about themselves. They wear ties to class because it makes them feel pretty. As their house stands doomed and hollowed out, I hope they take time to reflect on the symbolism this has for their own lives. Everyone but the "cute lab guy" that my roommate has a MASSIVE crush on can just be homeless for all I care. I hope they all end up working for me someday so I can make their lives a living hell. Goodnight, gentlemen!
In closing... I just wanted to add a little epilogue for a certain guy that is asleep right now in England....I LOVE YOU!
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[ 3.24.2002 ]

*To anyone who reads this...*
Attention all faithful readers...If any of you are up for some serious fun some night this week, get back to me. Send me an email and let me know what nights you are free after 8pm. I'm calculating a seriously funny idea and I need some people crazy enough to help me pull it off. Wusses need not apply. I'm serious...If you're going to chicken out don't even think about emailing me or even mentioning this to me. I will hit you in the temple and knock you on your ass. That is all...
mandypants [4:52 PM]

Out of touch...are we out of time
After several knocks at my door long before I was ready to get out of bed, I awoke at around noon and got Jordan. We joined Jackie for some strawberry waffles at the Common's. Dude, I look forward to those things every weekend. They are so freaking good; I swear they put cocaine in the strawberries! Anyway, we went down there looking like hell and when we got back I decided to go for a run considering it's the warmest weather I've seen since Florida. I ran probably 3 miles around downtown Lexington. I hate running on campus because there's always some stupid frat guy or hick ogling at you. As if you were out there busting your ass just for them. Whatever. As far as I'm concerned, I am invisible when I run. I pay no attention to anything but my own breathing and path. The rest of the world can just fade away.
I've got several assignments this afternoon that I need to get a start on. This week will be mildly hectic. I've got a few tests and papers due. Day in day out. I would really love for it to be summer now. I'm ready for a break from classes and all that bullshit.
Well, my list of things to do hasn't gotten any shorter and my time has gotten away from me. I think it's about time that I start doing something productive...maybe i'll go paint my toenails! Have a great day...no...really...I mean that. I hope that you have a truly wonderful day!

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Long way from home...
So, apparently, some people still do read this. That's cool. I'd keep updating even if you didn't. I have been in a strange haze all day. Possibly from the NyQuill I took last night after that damn game. I hate basketball and I REALLY hate it when we lose. I know that makes no sense, but it depends on your mood. I am sort of glad that basketball season is over. It's not easy going to UK and not being insane about basketball. I couldn't care less. There's always next season.
I am dying to move out of the dorms. Don't get me wrong. I love my roomie and the girls on my floor are cool as hell, it's just that I'm ready for a place of my own. Kasey and I are hot on the trail of some possibilities for this August. It will just be so nice to have things all figured out.
I am going home this coming weekend for Easter. I know what that means. I'll get to go see a bunch of people from high school that I didn't really like to begin with and NOW i REALLY don't have anything in common with them. We'll do that fake "Hey! What's up? How are you...you look great..." bullshit and then I'll never see them again. Erin called me last night from home and said that she's there but she won't be on Easter...Val isn't going home either. It looks like it might just be me again to be in the ghost town with all my memories of the people I love.
If you can't tell, I'm being a bit pessimistic today.
I have this overwhelming urge to get into bed and not come out of my dorm room. I'm so sick of everything...for crying out loud, i have to rearrange my dorm room every few weeks or so to keep myself pacified. You can't imagine what UK has done to me. This school is overrun by rich little assholes. If you happen to be a perspective student of the Next Great University, I suggest you look elsewhere. Better yet, drop out now while you can. Start selling crack to 3rd graders. As Katie puts it so gracefully...
"If we're going to hell, we might as well go FIRST CLASS!"
Several of us went to Sutters in Richmond again tonight. Just your typical ghetto thugs from Kentucky being disgusting for us tonight. I think next time I'll just stay home and overdose on NyQuill again and get some serious drug-induced sleep. That's the best kind because you can have these really freaky dreams. I seriously don't even remember getting into bed last night after taking the NyQuill. I think I was asleep before I even got into bed. I hope nobody takes that stuff and then tries to drive.
It finally quit raining...but it's still cold as a welldiggers ass out there. That figures. Now if I could just convince God to move the ocean closer to Donovan...I'd be set!
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