*Independent Thought Alarm*

[ 2.28.2002 ]

Back to Reality
So, I havn't posted in quite a while. Let's just say that it's the good girls that keep diaries because the bad ones never have time....
Chris has been here since the night of the 18th and he left yesterday morning. I took him to the airport and felt my heart die a little again as I left him. We had such an amazing time while he was here...I can't even give it justice in words.
Now, it's back to the real world of books, papers, classes, and exams. Holy hell I hate UK. It's 8am and I'm up early to work on this bloody paper for my womens studies class which apparently is a cleverly disguised ENGLISH class! I am so freaking sick of these damn books and papers.
I went to bed really early last night to catch up on some of the sleep that I havn't been getting since Chris was here. I didn't sleep well b/c there were no arms around me.
Jordan Update: She's been busy making crowns for the game Saturday. Jordan is sleeping right now b/c I don't think she went to bed until after 2am! Geez, does THAT sound familiar!
mandypants [8:13 AM]