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[ 2.18.2002 ]

just another manic monday
Today is my mother's birthday, and because of another instance of UK bending us over...I am at school instead of on a 3-day weekend. What crap. I went home this past weekend to the good old P-town (heavy on business, light on residents compared to Da Boro). I cannot believe how many clothes I have. Katie has been making fun of me because she claims that I own 3 times as many clothes as her and mine are ALL IN MY DORM ROOM. Wrong she is, because most of my clothes are still at home. I have a bit of a shopping fetish, what can I say?
*JORDAN UPDATE: I'm pretty sure that she had a rough weekend while I wasn't here. She doesn't seem to be well fed or well rested so please send her a get well soon card or leave her a note on our dry-erase board if you live in Cell Block D. I really hope she is up to her old shenanigans soon...I feel bad that I had to leave her this weekend but my mom offered to take me shopping and...well...I've covered this before.
*F*BOMB LEVELS OK, well, I'm pretty sure I said it at least once this weekend but that is REALLY good for my foul mouth. Mom was quite impressed and could "definately notice a change in my language." It's really interesting how much my vocabulary has expanded as a result of my new cleaner mouth. I've found many creative ways to express myself other than the f-word. I still feel like a wanker for not letting myself say it. I wonder how long this will last after Lent.
"Sometimes, there is just no better word than fuck to get the point across!" - Katie
*QUOTE OF THE DAY: "Why would they test Viagra on women? We lack the equipment for that sort of stuff." - Robin
*Drink of the Day: Carmel Frappie from Starbucks with my friend Katester slurping down an Iced Mocha next to me.
*WHAT I LOVE ABOUT KY: I love KEES checks. I just got mine and let me tell you...my savings account is very happy!
PRODUCTIVITY-O-METER: I have done absolutely nothing all day. I unpacked and now I'm drinking coffee. Woo hoo me!
*WHO DOESN'T LOVE TO TEASE THEIR FRIENDS* Katie will be dancing at GREEK SING next Friday...place and time to come. EVERYONE should go make fun of her for being such a Britney Spears wanna be! She's not that innocent! You go Katie! Shake whatcha mamma gave ya gurl!
*Cell Phone RING TONE OF THE DAY* CityBird because it makes Katie go into convulsions...no...dude...she REALLY flips out! "DUDE, it is SO damned annoying!" - Katester
*Hip Cat of the Day: Louis Armstrong
*Accessory of the Day: My pimp sunglasses...dude, I am sad.
*Procrastination Technique of the Day: Go ahead and close out AIM like you're not gonna chat on there. Then go to a remote location with laptops and log into AIM EXPRESS...dude, it's a TOTALLY different thing! Do this while drinking coffee and then complain of a massive caffeine headache and take a nap. Wake up and get right back on AIM like nothing happened. Good job, Junior Procrastinator. A little more work and you'll be as bad as any typical UK student!
*Pre-Chris-Anxiety: On a scale of 1-10, today has been about a 6 on my anxiety-o-meter. I keep feeling like I'll just walk past him or he'll be in my room or in one of my classes. It's making me nuts, but I havn't yet begun to go into meltdown. Hopefully he will be here before I reach a 9.5. That is a SERIOUS medical condition and I don't think that 112 can handle TWO sick puppies...dear God, I am a mess.
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