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[ 2.15.2002 ]

*QUOTE OF THE DAY: "My sister lost like 80 pounds for George Michael and the DUDE IS GAY!" - Lora in 114
Donovan was rawking tonight baby...10 of us went to Applebees for dinner and then came back to play Taboo until the early morning hours. We met some girls on the 4th floor and took them along. We treated a male waiter like an asshole and I informed him that his mere presence was "oppressing me" and we made him go away. This Valentine's Day was a success! The best part was when I got a phone call from Chris and he said those 3 little words...
*JORDAN UPDATE: Jordan has been sleeping in the bed of cancer and she is as red as a lobster. This means that she is wearing next to nothing while walking around our room. Anyone that wants a show, look in the PUNK RAWK windows. There is some green gunky aloe junk that she borrowed from Lora that she's been putting on herself every 3 minutes or so to make it not burn so bad.
*LENT FUCK-O-METER...I only said the F-WORD twice today and after saying I immediately thought of a better word to use. This should make my mom feel good when I wake up on Easter morning and proclaim "Well holy FUCK, HE IS RISEN!"
*I am going back to good old P-town tomorrow. Thank God. I miss my mom and I'm sure she can't wait to watch me squirm as I try to not use my favorite word.
*I have now determined that I will be the only pale person out of my friends in Florida. Kelli told me that I was "transparent." That's just what I wanted to hear. Holy crap. I know I'm pale, but my skin is beautiful and Irish and healthy! SO EAT SHIT!
I hope that everyone had a worse Valentine's Day than I did. To anyone that got flowers (especially roses) you can go eat them and let the thorns tear up your ESOPHOGUS!
*SHOCK OF THE DAY Wow, Jon...that's really sweet! Thanks for that wonderful compliment...Valentine's Day was officially tolerable b/c of what you said. You are the shizzy, too!
Goodnight little rosebuds, I'll catch you on the flip side!
mandypants [12:31 AM]

[ 2.12.2002 ]

In the Middle of MARDI GRAS
I'm going home this weekend. Thank God. I want to go to my own Paducah mall and breathe Paducah air and walk down Paducah streets. I miss home.
I've decided (thanks to Katie's suggestion and my mother's begging) to try to not say FUCK for Lent. This is so stupid seeing as how I think it's rediculous anyway to single out one word as "bad"...but whatever....it will be a lesson in self-discipline at least.
*Drink of the Day: Starbuck's Iced Chai
*Quote of the Day: "You learn a lot of useful things when you are a cheerleader..." - Jordan
*Song of the Day: At Your Funeral ~ Saves the Day
*English Boy of the Day: Chris
*American Boy of the Day: Jon Bickett (for giving me a link!)
*Religion of the Day: Roman Catholicism (because Katie is gonna make me get ashes smeared on my forehead tomorrow)
*Word of the Day: FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK (sorry, I have to get it all out if I can't say it tomorrow)!
By the way, I just want to say that Tawanda is unafraid to come back out and fuck you all up if she needs to. I am a kamakazi bitch on a roll, so don't mess with me! *sweet smile* Have a nice day!

mandypants [5:35 PM]

[ 2.11.2002 ]

It's All Out
There is absolutely nothing that I don't feel great about right now pertaining to the things that were worrying me this past week.
Last night, I totally got out everything negative that I had been carrying around with me and let the skeletons out of the closet. I had carried around bitter feelings and put up with shit for far too long and it was about time that I said something. Also, my stalker has revealed HER identity....yes...it's a friend of mine from years ago. She got sloshy last week and decided that it would be funny to play mind games with ppl on Instant Messenger. I happened to be the first person she came across and so I got the abuse. Thank you so much. I told her off for being a jackass and she apologized. That has to be the stupidest thing anyone has ever done to me. I mean, fucking rediculous.
I'm waiting to go to lunch with Katie and Robin...they should be out of class and here in a few minutes...I have to write that bitch of a 5-page monster paper for tomorrow and have as many tests as I have white blood cells. This is just rediculous. I think my professors must have had one of their "Let's hit her all at once" meetings.
*Song of the Day: California by Joni Mitchell
*Friends of the day: MINE
mandypants [11:42 AM]

[ 2.10.2002 ]

I just can't do it captian, I don't have the powerrrr...
*Movie of the day: Ace Ventura Pet Detective
*Cross Dresser of the Day: Lieutanant Einhorn
*Roommate of the Day: Jordan
*Drug of the day: Midol
I'm starting to view UK as a sort of black hole. Once you're in the path, you can't escape. Once you're in, there's no way out. I'm thinking that I want to do one of those "make up your own major" things...here are my ideas for possible majors:
Underwater Basket Weaving, Obsessive Compulsive Cleaning, Surviving a Weekend Alone in Donovan, Being Suckered into Doing Other People's Work for Them, Being Dicked Over by your Friends When Shopping With Them, Being Constantly Hit by Your Door Because Your Chair is Next to It, Downloading Shitty Music to Amaze Your Friends at What an Asshole You Are, Having a Cell Phone Only for Outgoing Calls, and finally my favorite, Making Up Random Songs on Your Guitar About the Asshole you Meet at UK.
I am going to go now, because I can't feel anything (muscle relaxers). Goodnight loyal readers. Sleep tight and don't let any smurfs into your bed...you'll turn blue.
mandypants [7:38 PM]

Here comes the rain again...
*On tap in 112:
Big Yellow Taxi ~ Joni Mitchell
Least Complicated ~ Indigo Girls
Anarchy in the UK ~ Sex Pistols
Suck my Kiss ~ Red Hot Chili Peppers
I'm sitting here reading The Hour of the Star and wondering. Just in general. As I was walking to breakfast this morning, I passed my car and there was a white daisy on the windshield. My favorite flower. Coincinence? Sign? God's way of trying to lure me back into normal society? Who knows. Probably some drunk guy was being stupid.
Yet another strange occurance that I feel the need to document. Do you see what I'm talking about now? I NEED A FILM CREW!

mandypants [2:32 PM]